The Savior is just on His way
– Anonymous

Credit: Screenshot @discoverearth on IG

Worried out, stretched wide,

Depressed and oppressed, even losing hope

Is a lady that once had a smile

But she’s now a’glow with mopes.

She looks up, having being defiled;

Her husbands have played her…

Now she wonders if her case would ever be filed

“Would I be able to get a just lawyer?

Who would save me from oppression

And mend the holes created by husbands that left me?

Which man is it would cause emancipation from my corruption?

A man, not a cheat; find him, get us married!”

Her eyes are soaked with tears.

Her children; thirty-six hungry lads,

Are seated by their mother, full of fears;

Is there a man, a father, to gladen their hearts?

What man is it that would stand in the gap?

That would give this kids balanced diet and not again pap?

Or who is that man that would marry this lady

Bearing her burdens, suppressing her woes,

Nor minding she’s had a number of failed marriages?

A man who would eliminate her foes!

Great sighs I sighed when I heard of her story,

When I read through history and saw what she had passed through.

With tears I signed to become part of the jury

That would be in her favour on the day adjourned, bringing her ex-husbands to book.

After a few good times,

I read about Him also and I saw Him coming;

The Man who would deliver lady Nigeria from her past!

His name is Wonderful. No more tears lady, He’s on His way, He is coming!

© ‘Denu Vour Bon

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