We shouldn’t deceive ourselves that the present governmental system of this one great country of ours is democratically independent. While we are theoretically independent from the British, we are bound to a colonial system we almost cannot understand; yea, it is the dominance of godfathers and our total dependence on their verdicts… One day we’d be free.
Denu Vour Bon

A life of irony.

Frustration’s just at the door.

Living through the moment,

Without one hope of glamour.

Planted in a system

Dissolved in corruption,

The rich is said to also cry

But who cares to know the agonies of the poor.

It all started when the ancient

Stopped being innocent.

When they to degradation gave up our lands

To receive cigarette sticks as gifts from the white men’s hands.

It evolved, turned great, as street locals

Came into the system, becoming our nation’s large stakeholders.

Through it all, we were left to wonder and ponder on

“Who has got a vision and is seeking to obey the nation’s call?”

The stakeholders now stand as elders

Who are not ready to step down from the nation’s loot…

Oh! They nursed up an adage that makes them see afar,

Even beyond what the nation’s nursery see as crooks…

Who would ease us off?

When is the deliverance going to come?

Nigeria is independent my foot!

Not until we send on exile the crooks.

Let them never come back and we’d be free!

© Denu Vour Bon

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