“Oh! How technology have taken us out of the reality of this connectedness and deep within our bones, we cry out for an entente – a cordial entente.”
– Denu Vour Bon

Do I have a friend?

Yea, I once had

During the times letters thrived

When by my writing materials one could tell if I were sorrowful or glad.

Those were good times.

Days when you could relate with the mind of your ¹amiga

And he could read your words like he is speaking to your hologram;

Days when love was more relational.

Those were the days when there were no secrets.

Where would you hide them anyways?

The days you could freely express your feelings

When you could easily be saved from going astray.

What’s your weakness now oh friend?

I doubt if anymore I know.

You now have a best friend,

And I don’t feel important anymore.

When she is weak, you charge her up

While you forget that I’m in need of your assistance too.

When she’s down and laid up in coma,

You foam and shout and behave so irrational.

I thought you said I was your friend.

I thought we called ourselves besties and pals.

I thought I nicknamed you ²Kamerad

And came straight to you whenever I was burdened in my heart..

I thought…

But now you’re no more.

You’ve faded from existence in the den of my being.

I consider you to be just another silhouette

In the shadows of my thoughts.


You ask me why?

You have made a ³bewegungslos to take over my part in you.

You’ve replaced me for something, not someone, else.


I have replaced you too.

Yea, also with things that don’t breath:

My pen, pencil and my book;

And with the Almighty, the Breath of Life.

He is a friend indeed.

Happy friendship day.

© Denu Vour Bon


¹amiga: Spanish for friend

²Kamerad: German for friend

³bewegungslos: German for inanimate

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