You don’t judge based on rumor. Again, I reemphasize, “first impression matters” is a big scam. A major scam. Please let us know what we are doing.


There’s an emerging stereotype about my nation, an abhorrent identity. Like other well-meaning Nigerians, I would like to reiterate that: “Not all Nigerians are fraudsters”. The 80-man list of suspected conmen (of which most are Nigerian nationals) released by the US Government shouldn’t be a basis for such repugnant labeling on Nigeria (or Nigerians).

My country – a nation of over 180 million people, the greatest black nation in the world, the Giant of Africa – is a bundle of legitimacy. I am a quintessential Nigerian. I am legit.


I am a Nigerian;
I sing in the bathroom when happy,
Jive and groove to every “gbedu wey dey burst brain”.
I’m an everyday Nigerian.

You would notice my energetic Mondays,
My rapid Tuesdays, my venereal Wednesdays, and my nostalgic Thursdays.
Oh yes, Fridays I’m grateful, Saturdays I’m playful
And Sundays I worship.

Quintessentially Nigerian,
You would find the…

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Everyone is clamoring for a particular relationship or the other. Now we understand that unlike charges usually attract and those of same constituents repel hence, a bashful wistfulness towards the opposite sex. Are we sure that the aura of pure libido built up in our subconscious is satisfied with our shallow connections and undeep relations with folks?
Humans are forever beings that desire union. The reaction between our inbuilt lusts and the very nature of beauty that surrounds us renders particular sights aphrodisiac to us. Funny as it is, it is discovered that this craving is usually inconstant and when a hormonal reaction via sexual intercourse comes in, there is usually despite of these sights that were once awesome in the glories of their grace. What point is being made? Nothing else but the fact that we have coursed the pursuit of our thoughts and longings in the direction that is disheveling to the status of our being – what we’re made of. The reason, therefore, for the seasonal feeling of lonesomeness which we usually dismiss with our shallow hopes of finding a good definition soon.
Our relationships are undeep. Yes. They are without any depth of affection or love. I wonder how possible it would be that we live the ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ commandment seeing all we chase is to get some opposite sex to play with us in bed. True love have been mistaken for some beautiful photographs, uploading ‘in a relationship’ on social media bios, some few dates in a serene place, chatting through the night on phone or via Google hangouts (some even go to abuse such via sex chatting and its brothers) and other love ideas we got from the movies. While the afore are sometimes featured in a genuine love relationship, they don’t define love neither do they spell out the descriptions of a real relationship.
A real relationship is one that is subset to none, superset of all. The reason we continue to have problems in our day to day life is because we have failed to relationally connect with our neighbor. Just like the childhood chatter of friendship that typifies rare love bondings, a relationship is a relational connection between two entities of different, yes, substances. A good example is the love of God towards us that made Him to sacrifice His Only Begotten Son for the livesremission of the sins we committed; and how He made, and continue to make, specific entrances into our lives to show us He cares and that He is there. This relationship He made plain is not determinant on who we are out what we are made up of, it is His universal act of delight in the course of the human world. We continue to have issues in our relationships until we come to understand the import of this sacrifice of Jesus on the cross in our lives thereby surrendering to His will and living the reality that relationship should be aimed at making lasting impacts and connecting relationally to the soul of the other being involved. Yes. That relationship is more spiritual than usual, being a phenomena that existed before time.
More to the above, it is important to note that building success in one’s love life starts from putting a smile on a neighbor’s face and helping to bear his burdens occasionally.

© Denu Vour Bon



Sin, as it is, is an entity separate from our beings. Have you noticed that you don’t go to hell to suffer the consequence of your being but of sin? Oh that men would separate sin from their lives and live the righteousness that they were created with.
– Denu Vour Bon

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The scripture says in 2Peter2:9; “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.”

The first line says ‘The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly,’ the godly as used here is one who detest sin, he hates it with all his heart, soul and spirit and he is not ready to give himself over to sin. The godly is not one who is not willing to drop and leave his sins behind him, rather, he is that individual, who after tasting of the grace of God through the salvation of his soul, would so fight sin wherever he sees it. He is that person that eliminates sinful appearances that come near him with immediate effect and he is that man who would not even entertain the thoughts of sinning. It is this man that God would deliver ‘…out of temptations.’ But if a man be unjust, though he manifest a little disgust for sin but is not willing to sincerely forsake those sins he commit, such would the Lord reserve unto the day of judgment to be punished.

In a bid to avoid being punished, you as an individual, oh you Blessed and Beloved of God, need to sincerely eliminate all the appearances of sin and sin itself around you. This will surely require you to stop being friends with some people and you will also part ways with others. In short, you would have to reject being friends with anyone that had been your sinful partner , both male and female. That is the first stage of manifesting detest for sin. And it requires cutting off from every evil conversation and association. After this, oh Beloved, you grow to the next stage and firmly preach against all those sins you have confessed before God when you were repenting. Truly from your heart, knowing the pain you passed through when you were in bondage to these things, you would preach against these sins and every form of sin. Let people know that you don’t do them anymore and that you are strongly against those things. Then the next step is to pray against falling into temptation and pray also that your former friends and all those that are still sinning should also be saved. From here you graduate to the level of seriously reading and studying of your Bible, because it is the map that leads to heaven. You would study the Bible very well so that you can know what God wants you to do the more and make sure you do what God have told you to do through His word. You also will continue everyday with the mind that Heaven is real and Hell is real. You will soon discover that you are now living according to God’s standard of holiness as you faithfully fulfill these things and God would deliver you, my Beloved, ‘…out of temptations.’ NOTE THAT those who are godly, according to Ezekiel 9:4-6, are those who hate sin and would not want to be an host for it. They are vexed with sin all the time and this guide I have carefully written as I was led, to show you only the surface of how you can continue from salvation to godliness without falling back into sin.

Dear Beloved, faithfully fulfill all these and the mark of God for the godly would come on you shortly… Remain blessed my Beloved. Amen. Share with all your friends.

© Denu Vour Bon



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I feel so empty today

I could decide to run away.

Stress is on me, I’m trying very very hard to meet up

To the standards I see all around me, my assignments, dreams, plans, timetable and all.

You know, I’m so engrossed in my thoughts

And because I couldn’t greet you this morning, you concluded I was a snub

Not knowing I’m long lost, being no longer in this realm,

With my eyes wide open but senses unaware.

While I love to move motions and be famous

I discovered I’m just too weak to suffer pain.

Could I be a victim of circumstance?

Is it true: no pain, no gain?

I’m smiling in your face but I’m in tears;

I stand in awe, I’m full of fears

But I try each day to gather up my broken pieces

And to put on some smiles’ crutches.

Would I ever blend to this system?

Would I get adapted?

Issokay, let me try to hasten up.

So many individuals are not the realities of what they are,

Because we’ve all added a little pinch of make up

Make over and so many things to tush ourselves up.

Can we help it?

Can we live what we have inside us?

Can we come out without our make ups and overs

And be bold enough to represent our thoughts?

No, your words are not enough,

We see your behaviors each day.

The craving within us we don’t understand

But we chase after mirages and turn our backs on the realities

All with the hope of a better ahead, a brighter tomorrow.

While we want to be good,

We find ourselves becoming evil.

We need help.

Jesus’ enough, yet we fail to accept.

Ain’t a religion-bias poesy though

It’s just that our hearts cry so loud and unheard of a presence we cannot define.

And our Help is near

But we fail to forbear.

Who else would heed or cry

And answer to our sighs?

This we’d search for forever.

© Denu Vour Bon

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At about 12pm yesterday, the architecture students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ibogun Campus, awaited the submission of their studio (ARC 302) assignment. During the course of this, two students challenged each other on who could run faster. This word challenge aggravated as other classmates supported one side or the other, as much as to place bets on who would win. Hence, a contest arose from an initial two man challenge and the question that bubbled up was: “Who would win? Is it the lightweight untrained sprinter known as Denu Vour Bon or the fatter and weightier football player called Posi?

To cut the long story short and to the surprise of all, the lightweight sprinter was outran by the weightier Posi with nothing less than 1.5 meters.

The fun did not die down after this, as many others joined the challenge and started competing amongst themselves on who could run best. Notable among these were those of Sola and Joseph; Hon. Theophilus, Comr. Dele, Manny and Duro.

The later set met a tragic ending; an ending that aroused hysterical laughter and emotional pity.

The race started well.

Duro stopped running and disqualified himself as soon as he started probably for fear. Later he told of his actions that they were based on the reactions of his instincts.

Theophilus A.O. Adelaja, a honorable of the faculty, fell with a prolonged slide on the asphalt of the roadway sustaining injuries on his jaw, left knee and a pain in his right elbow. He himself did not know he sustained any injuries after the incident at first, for he sat up and asked: “What happened?” He was taken to the college’s health care center by some other colleagues and was quickly attended to.

He’s in good health now and we pray that the Good Lord continue to preserve us from evil in Jesus name.

When asked the likely cause for his fall, he explained that his trousers was tight and that it fought against him as he tried to increase his strides. Later, the trousers snapped and rendered him off balance till her crashed to the floor on his chest.

The race itself was won by Comr. Dele Qwawiy, who was closely followed by Manny.

A student, going by the name Sen. Goke Onasanya, reported the following concerning the incidence:

“We were about to submit our project but because the lecturer in charge was taking the 500 level students, we decided to chill and wait for him outside the 500 level studio under the tree. Suddenly an argument came up between some colleagues on who could run a race better. It ended up becoming what some other colleagues decided to participate in. This guy that fell also decided to join the event not knowing it would end up in an unforseen incidence. The video is funny though but thanks to God, he is back on his knees, hail and active.”

This little event brought mixed reactions amongst the students, and while some blamed, others saw it from a totally different perspective.

© Denu Vour Bon






“Life is like a race on asphalt, it doesn’t matter what time you finish just don’t fall down. It’s deadly.”

– Denu Vour Bon

It ain’t no more a race.

It is survival…

If you’re not fit,

It is time to pull out.

Starting well ain’t the matter,

For there are those who started and could not finish.

It is a matter of do or death,

Life or health.

Move! Move!

You’re almost falling.

Watch out!

Your heart is soon cut out.

The race is for all,

It is a death race and there’s no excuse.

It ain’t a matter of winning,

Just survive.

That’s important.

We all are running

And this hustle is more intriguing than any aphrodisia,

It is more real than our reality, it is no abstract.

Wait up!

Don’t answer.

Whether slow, steady, fast or furious,

Just maintain your stance,

Don’t loose balance.


Run, don’t fall, I plead.

©Denu Vour Bon




Twas a thin stretch that served as her bed,

Was she ever going to lay asleep?

She had been buried all day long amidst the crowd of rays,

But now does she have all the stage to fulfill her will.

None had cared about what the day had told of her.

Neither is any concerned to configure the identity of the silhouettes she carried.

She’s just regarded as a means to an end,

The trigger of every moonlight story narrated.

How my sister had been taken in this same regard!

How she had been forgotten, relegated to the background!

Thought as to be good only for the bedroom or the kitchen,

And none is thinking of her better than a sex tag.

Oh sullen moon!

Would I be the more excited than to see you every night?

I just care about myself that’s all.

I, like many others, do not care about the moon’s night…

© Denu Vour Bon



Can’t I stand out under another’s light?

Can’t I come to limelight by someone else’s might?

Can’t I be bright among the stars,

Even if I’m not a luminous substance?

Is there a cause? Can’t I be coursed?

Must I brainstorm? Can’t I just be the boss?

Isn’t there a One who would have me His light worn?

Let me just be the shadow of the great One.

It is enough. I suppose.

The moon is the brightest at the darkest night,

Yet does she have not her own light,

Outshining the stars; my thoughts at moonlight.

I’m pleased to be the streak of joy in someone’s night,

Throughout the sky.

© Denu Vour Bon



I’ve read a number of poems tonight,

And I must say y’all have tried.

But I must confess that these poems have not rarely presented Boomerang

In the context of the suspense the ancient ones, sang.

We shouldn’t limit it definitions to the summary of the dictionary,

We should all critically observe that, the rather, and connect with karma relationally.

Few words I have to say about the circle of life events

And I want you to pay discreet attention to the voice of my pen.

Its a one good and objectively relational adage that stated: “what goes around comes around.”

Truth be told, the ancient ones were seriously and distinctively brilliant to have conceived ‘karma’ with which this life is bound.

Their considerations included the laying of foundation from the youth up,

And also the reality of equal and opposite consequences to actions, reactions and decisions our beings are made of.

The boomerang principle intensifies the caution and command of our Lord that we do good and maintain righteousness;

While ‘karma’ stands to exert on us the weight of the statute of God which requires us to be valiant for our course in life, doing our very best.

But I’ve found that our definition of Boomerang have been misconstrued.

We now justify our misdeeds and lay déprimant pressure on others using this truth.

This we do in this simple way of saying the following to others in order to enslave and get them over-burdened:

“…You don’t know what the future holds, the tables might be turned tomorrow and it would be you turn to seek a favor from me,

If you don’t favor me now, how do you expect me to do so when life blesses me and put me in the place of power, authority or position?…”

I tell you, friends, from the beginning, Boomerang was not interpreted so.

©Denu Vour Bon



Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.
-Proverbs 18:1

She would sit at a corner

And stay there for hours;

She would come out only once

To eat in the morning hours,

And then she’d go back to her eggs,

After she had stretched her legs,

To sit on them and make them warm,

So will she continue till the number of days be 21.

Yea, for twenty one days,

She’d be literally without food

Neither would she drink but keep the eggs warm

Just to produce chicks that look good.

And when those eggs are hatched

And those little beings come out,

The hen’s status quo would change instantly

Because her chicks are a product of a bout!

Learn from the mother hen;

Who through persistence became abnormal

And just after the bout she produced new beings

And could now live above the normals!

Let abnormality come first!

Should all the time be eating, drinking and chatting?

Be scarce for a period of time

And be persistent in your dream-chasing.

The fact is just that

New things are not brought forth by the multitude,

Rather by the individual

Who goes into solitude!

Learn from mother hen!

Go back to your den,

For it is called a bout

Since new things would come out.