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At stake! Eyes at wake!
A shock greater than that of an earthquake
As the world wonders “what has happened?”
A phenomenon had occurred which science has no explanation;
A third party of her population disappeared into Bermuda triangle?

Philosophers around the world would gather,
Logics and their reasoning would confuse over and over;
Then, what would science do, astronomers, observers of time or atheists?
Stupefaction would grope all,
“Unnormal” would come out as a new word.

Follow the lines, the height of unnormality
Then would history attest the claim of a Divinity.
The thought of the disappearing leaving men in dismal shock the next seven years:
Then would one come to wrought the more confusion;
Anti-Christos, venerated as God!

Hear me out; “life would go on,”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, undeep laughters covering a mourn.
While the beast’s false prophets go about deceiving many more,
Two under would come back to this surface
With power from many generations, witnessing of perdition & grace.

The two witnesses, Enoch & Elijah,
Two powerful Es that would cause Anti-Christos to sigh,
Standing with an authority that had never & can never more manifest,
Performing miracles devils cannot learn,
Proclaiming & prophesying of doom the next seven years.

Some instagrammers would watch their execution
An online trend that would go viral within seconds.
Then would Anti-Christos convince presidents of nations to battle at Armageddon,
A typical rebel of Satan and his angels against God,
Only to be wiped out, at Christos coming, in one word.

Don’t sit just there and wait for the unnormal,
Don’t take a risk that you don’t deserve.
This world is bound to encounter unnormalities & it likes,
My advice this very minute
Is that you get connected to Safety.

© May 2019
Denu Vour Bon