Mother Nature

She’s been watching me all along

And ensured I made myself strong…

At all times she’ll guide

And say, Junior stand here by my side.

When I slip and fall,

She’ll cry out and call

Neighbours to help Junior

Saying; ‘He is still young’

In the morning, her care is always greatest

She’ll take you out of the cradle and get the towels…

You are still yawning, she wishes you a welcome;

‘Junior at last have come.’

She’ll make the tea and bath you,

She’ll even take you to school;

Ensuring your security,

She would not go for mediocrity. . .

Afternoon comes,

She’ll yell at you to come!

She’ll shout: ‘Run else you’ll miss classes’

Then you’ll know life isn’t a bed of roses.

Running through each day errands,

You fall into different hands,

Mother Nature is at your back

But ignores and look to the other track.

At times, you’ll ponder

And begin to wonder

What type of mother she is, . . .

. . . No answers, just face your destiny.

Early afternoon horrors

Is followed by the late afternoon world. . .

Nature might not give you a job

Then you become and entrepreneur.

Through life’s hurdles,

You get confused. . .

You might wish to die,

But it is not yet time.

In the eventide,

Mother Nature is right back at your side,

She’ll sit by you till twilight

And tell you stories in the moonlight.

When the nightingales finish singing

And the churches bell stop ringing,

Mother Nature will sigh,

You’ll cry.

It’s actually of no use,

Since you can’t refuse

Mother Nature’s call to bed

Even if you plead with tears out of your head.

At last, . . . On your bed you’ll lay,

Humane but just clay. . .

Then, in the spirit world you’ll wander off

As your spirit leaves your remains to dry up.

Thus, Mother Nature finishes her job on you,

She continues her work, . . . And life continues without you.

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