Dream on Dear


Though I cloud my mind with dreams I’ll fulfill
And deceive my heart to accept that reality
Though I be a man of will, vast in psychology
My frail being gives way at the show of glory.

I have nothing to boast of
‘Cause I see lucre displayed
A little lusting in wonder
I forget me. Lo! I have been played.

Give me only my dreams to look on
With faith on the sides as I journey along
And let not the songs of distraction be hummed;
This is another fantasy I have presumed.



He’s gone out to cry, ain’t he?
Withal is he gone, where?
What if he was torn, she feared
And soon silver lines descended her chin.
To the wild. To nature.
To himself. To seek advice.

When shall he return, is he caught?
Who knows the whereabouts of my only son?
He was here and soon he wasn’t no more
My womb is now frail for fetus to be formed.
To the wild. To nature.
To himself. To seek advice.

Love, where have you sent my beloved to?
I told you your words are harsh, right?
Dear son, go down to the places he’s visited and look
Perhaps my son is bowed, at a corner, tight.
To the wild. To nature.
To himself. To seek advice.

Once the sun kissed the ocean shore
And the moon proceeded to take over
Came a figure, laughing and jumping
With a voice out of his mouth saying;
To the wild. To nature.
To himself. To seek advice.

Out of the Shadows


Holla! Yo.
Me vision under the heavens how’s life bin goin
Wassin put into no constriction
But the moon was to remain shadowed under cloud boughs
Light they were at first until no more trace of the moon would be recorded.
Man’s bin thru so much
Does man think of himself like the moon?
Your lights make your being regardless of external influences
But if you stop under the cloud boughs you’ll never be seen
Move till you come out of the shadows once again.
© Denu Vour Bon

A Letter to Love


Let’s start something silent
A low-key love story
I have a dream so great
And I need a force to propel me
I’m so lost right now in nothing
I’m broke and jobless, strongly hit
But I’ve got plans that need the daylight
And I miss the rays from your face to push the fight
I’m in love is an understatement
I’m in a bomb that should explode
If you only trigger the fire
Set me on fire dear Love.
Your spouse.

© Denu Vour Bon



Just like an oar far into the sea
And with my dreams so unreal
I watch me aloof with no help
A young man working at relief

My being is so stressed about me
I want to be of help but none cares
I kill myself to be of regard
I’m building a brand, don’t come near.

Try me, I’ll sing shout and screech
I’m the weird being in a corner of the streets
I have no musical knowledge but I want to be heard
Please let me sing and I don’t know how

© Denu Vour Bon



The days so bright and filled with gloom
And the hopes of she who ruled the shadows are doomed
As clouds, thick and navy blue, covered her glow
Shall she shine soon? When will her peace flow?

Just at about the time she would smile
When it seemed all her sorrows would end
Then came the flock of disaster, a great pile
Till she was fully covered in the end

Yet she didn’t stop moving
She dashed through the mass of clouds
She ventured though slow was her toiling
And it didn’t seem like she would come out

Shine on moon, though it be long and dreary
Shine on moon, though your hopes be wearied
Shine on moon, though the path be lonely
Shine on moon, until the night turns day anew

© Denu Vour Bon

The Clamour


With Easyblazze

Found myself in a premises where faulty foundation isn’t most common with their buildings,
The Stoic seasons of its trends in a continuous depth journey into nothing
But its pursuit an hypocritical press into the region of exploration
The dignity of the architect need be reformed
But no one is ready to take a stroll into the atmosphere of redemption
”We are used to such structures, there is nothing we can do about it” their favourite tenses,
And their mourn for their predicted future a loud anthem in the series of complied tales

”What a waste of existence” the diviners in constant ponder
And the residents and presiders in a seemingly unbothered platform.
The glow of our pride in the mess of timidity
The stables of its glory a quick reminder of the presence of ruins
No one is bold enough to confront the figures misleading
No time is convincing enough for a revolutionary stand
”We will get through this some day” the best said tenses
They are used to the faulty structures their partners noticed.

I can’t, myself, stand against the the fury of the system’s flames
I can’t, myself, withstand the core-option of those in places of position
I can’t, myself, prevail even when-so-ever I fight
But for my words on this page, I would be shut out like my fellothers
The pain, the hurts, the shame the leading figures so wrought
The deficiency in service, the dependocracy that ripped off the worth of a father
And the bastardisation of “it is well” this caused our tenses
When will our eyes open to see these loopholes?

They have soiled every soil with corruption,
Now to place feet at any spot is with suspicion,
The truth in heart are heavily burdened and mild in spirit have to live on choked atmosphere,
Destinies begin redesigned for failure on the account of the faulty foundation,
If the plight of this age be all recorded,infinity will have no more days for reform,
True freedom is the breakthrough, love as preached in all clan is the way.

© Easyblazzze
© Denu Vour Bon

Blood Calling


My blood smelled clean
It was a different pleasant purity
The cuts were deep in my skin
But the cold of the liquid
As the gush crescendos
Speaks peace like never I’d found
Buy me a bag of blood for refill
I’m thirsty and I’m short of breathe
I’m my own vampire
I’d die by my hands
Oh! I’m just bloodthirsty

Title credit of Omotolani Faith Ojedokun



With MuhammadHMC

I feel caged,
Caged in a wall,
Walls of bricks,
Bricks made of steel,
Steels stretching their heads far into the heavens.

I see but don’t feel the sun,
When it rises and crawls back to sleep.
Doggo at night, staring deep into the stars,
Drenched in my duece thoughts.

I need someone to give me an ear,
To share my sorrows and conquer my fear,
And give me shoulders to lean on with care!
What do I find in this earth called so fair?
None to share my burdens and wipe my tear,
I have no other than the note I lay here

Consumed in my cigar smokes,
I curl up in fear, crawling onto nowhere in voids.
I’m under the sky in wait for a shine
Where’s the moon? I can’t find her.

Iron gates coated with zinc
Zinc in smashed brown
Brown so deep
Deep is my pain
Pain’s the cage
Lo! Caged I am

© MuhammadHMC
© Denu Vour Bon

A Letter to Fate


Dear Fate,

Last year I came with determination
And I was sent straight back to hell.
My passion, my zeal, the fights, my kills;
All was strong hit by depression, I fell.
The irony.
Stories that touch like ivory.
I knew I was lost;
Far from success’ lusts.

This year, dear Fate,
I decided to come with my weakness yet strength;
I borrowed me faith,
And I’ll let emotions smoke desire’s tent.
I’ll not be strong,
I’ll be brave;
I won’t take jumps
But walk across.
I don’t care how many times you hit
Via electrical cut outs or pandemics;
I’ll be fast and steady
Beholding life as an opportunity.

Your enemy,

The Alchemist


It was a deep look
“Dear, go out and get lost
Get sought out and hop into the clouds”
Black were those eyes as they told me
Rather they were as emeralds coated in navy blue
“I’ll wait for you” she said
“And I’ll stand by you.”

Now, she’s gone from me.
No I’m gone for my dreams
The gorge I can feel so deep
But I’m satisfied of love
I only I’m sad and do wonder
How she released me so fast
Another omen from the universe

They will come for you…


With D’Analyst

Blindfolded, was I brought in,
My mind crept into the rear darkness,
I realized how I had been too blind –
Too blind to see hatred and oppression,
Which stirred up in my community,
How the powerful served injustice to the weak,
But they did not come for me I said.

Yes, the scales have fallen off my eyes
I realize how the weak long awaited justice,
And I have heard the shrill cries of freedom from the oppressors,
But in chains and blindfold have they confined me
For speaking up and standing for the masses,
Now, they have come for me.

Behind the bars now I write,
I’m filling every page with blood I should have long shed,
I’m expressing my love for humanity,
And the trivial doctrine of equality,
I will be long gone to the world beyond,
When this message of mine would be uncovered by adventurers;
For lo, I am sentenced to death.

The words I speak let them be few,
And let my love be without cynicism too,
Let the rich treat the poor in due regard,
And no two brothers should war over a piece of land,
Strangers and foes smile sometime,
Life is not by race, ethnicity or tribe –
Silently, they’ll come for you.

I dare me a million dollars


I dare me a million dollars
If life but would pay
And if my hope be shattered
I would request again.

I dare me to journey past
The valleys of the shadows of Death
If by chance I be damned
I know that, at least, I took a step.

I dare me out of racing in circles
That I may dig my gold
And by weariness of self and body
I will, good wealth, behold.

I dare myself from today
If Life but would see
And if my hope be dismayed
To my dream, I’d cleave.



With WriteItAdamant

I look thither beneath the shade
Under this tree I could hide my shame
I cried, yet, to no one’s attention
They laughed at me with no pint of affection

I’m running out of blood via tears
This gorge I feel so deep so dear
I burn me out with the cigar stick
No one cares to know that I’m sick

I wish everything could just end
And the world could rend into shreds
More do I wish to be forgotten
In the land of my dreams under this tree

My heart was broken by the force unknown
I wish I, some gold, could own
But then I was told I belong on the throne
Not for the street or the pain of the ghetto

© WriteItAdamant
© Denu Vour Bon



I’m not sorry to say this, but this poem was written on my kneels during a devotion with God.

The LORD my God shall come, and all the saints with thee…

Zechariah 14:5 (Holy Bible KJV)

I asked of Thy form
I want to know you LORD
Maybe for my pleasure
I thought not enough was Thy Word.

In my distress, I disbelieved
And left off my altar of prayer
I wasn’t no longer free
To express my worship to the Father.

I valued God as failed
Since I failed to see signs of His grace
Not until today
Do I see His Amazing Grace.

When God shall come,
Prepared with Christ to battle,
To fight at Armageddon
Eyes shall see Him tough and true.

Don’t see the LORD God to your ruin
When He comes against the nations.
I’ll rather be among the armies of His host
When judgement is wrought in Zion.



Inspired by Alicia Keys’ song – A Woman’s Worth

I’m in need of the *mulla;
I sure need a deep freezer;
A tour of Niagara would enthrall;
A trip to Dubai, I am worth.
Buy me gold, I’ll cherish;
Don’t make Diamond from me perish.
A smile from you is diamond,
And your time is golden;
An evening walk is just enough,
And splashing waters during shower molds love in me.
A deep kiss is pearl,
And a show of love is what I need above all.

Male humans often become lost in their crave of physicals to express love to their female counterparts. They go at times to the moon in search of a golden pearl of surprise while they leave their wives in bitterness dying to be given just a smile. A woman is worth all the world but at times, she wants none of the world but you.

Denu Vour Bon

*mulla is a slang to mean money or cash



Inspired by Alicia Keys’ song Girl on Fire

Like a flame of fire,
A woman can pass this world unnoticed.
Her wants and desires
May become dreams unfulfilled.
She’s on fire
Yet no one sees it
So she cries;
No space reminisce her being.

I know the vastness of a dream,
The heights of glories.
I have been to the clouds with my feet down;
I have been drowned in spirituality.
Hear my cry;
Make me your queen!
For I am fail but strong,
And the kitchen, alone, do not fulfil my dreams.

Just like every other human, a woman craves to be adored – appreciated (liquefied). The fulfilment of your wants of necessities, especially food, can be a part of her dreams if she’s treated with a great according of adoration; only then can the hidden flame in her glow.

Denu Vour Bon



Inspired by Alicia Keys’ song Superwoman

I am vague
And I quake
I love flowers
Colors make me wake
And there’s a deep vault within me
Of neither a want need
Fate had hit me strong enough
I am weak though I seem gathered up
My smiles are expressions of pain
So I decide to make others laugh sane
I want to see you tear a joy while I can
That way I relief me from being woman
I just want to care
And share in your moments and tears…

Females are emotional human beings and most of their strengths in societal impaction and charitability come from their desire to satisfy the crave for understanding, an emotional context featuring pain, depression, fears (insecurities) and fragility. A woman is a superhuman, tearing a smile across neighbors faces.

Denu Vour Bon

Dear Girl…


With MuhammadHMC

Without the resonance of your words, I failed me to be free;
Your subtle lips hold me in awe.
Mighty in my thoughts are the smiles of your heart,
Unapologetically I announce that I am stolen of heart.

Your eyelids form take thuds of beats away from me,
The lustre of your braids give a lump so deep in throat;
Your fragrance I smell twenty feets before I see you.
Your walk slaps my mouth with a tingle

Because you scent like musk,
Is one of the reasons enough i want to be with you from dawn till dusk.

For people like you are few
And each time i think about you, i feel brand new.

I’ve got no reason to leave
So ill stick to you in every season in the head like a weave.

And If we are two different souls, then between us I’ll construct a bridge,
And to let go off you ‘ll be considered a breach.



With Tomi_c_m

He wished for immortality
Eternity was His fantasy
He wanted to be all his dreams
But his life was all screams

He was scared to live
He knew he was stuck being mortal
If only wishes were horses
Everything, for a ride, he’ll give…

She wanted a trip to the moon,
Though she was not of a silver spoon
She craved for regard and importance
She was a queen in her trance.

She had a vision but didn’t know where to go
She had lost her faith in her
If only wishes were horses
She was ready to kill fear of the unknown…

© Tomi_c_m
© Denu Vour Bon



With Dannyz

Seems like I never left my space
But somehow I’m getting tired of the race,
Maybe I’m just running out of taste
I don’t even understand my case.

The fire burning within hurts heavily
Yet it could not even burn out my past,
Neither could its brightness turn my night to day
Rather it allowed my sadness to stay.
Maybe it will be quenched with water (I thought),
Sadly my tears weren’t enough;
Deprived of light, wrapped in darkness.

Now have I need to be relieved
But since I got none, I keep my mute
Since I got my pain as a close associate
With mares at nights of deaths in my past.
I’ll cry my tears to suit the melody of the hunt;
My choice, though not, since I failed to be saved.
A dance in hell I dare
For so my space is, dear.

Why do I have so much stain on me?
Who do I blame for this?
People that played on me?
Or the ones that drained on me?!

© Dannyz
© Denu Vour Bon



I have unanswered questions,
As pain and shame sing me a praise,
Why is the world a system
Designed to be governed by deceit?
Why are there several variations
In behaviors and personalities?

I feel blood gush out from my heart
When you expressed the motions of your mind;
Pain, rather vain, cut my larynx into a twain.

I can’t think of the right words
Even as I set my head straight;
Foolishness I made to surround me
I realize, yet need I to wait.

You vented your passions and disgust,
Your soul was set freed with your outburst;
You called out my name in your example
As you spoke on changing of attitude.
You saw me a fool, gave my heart a pain;
I put my best at work! Are you insane?

If COVID-19 were real,
Learn to speak me peace please.



With Dannyz

Why do I have so much stain on me?
Who do I blame for this?
People that played on me?
Others who drained on me?

I ran from the fears that I felt
Got disconnected from family and friends
I just wanted to build a space that relates
To the emotions I felt in my deeps

The odds have sets their paths
I chose oddities, they said, over family
I am freaking out
All I needed was a heart to love me

© Dannyz
© Denu Vour Bon



With WriteItAdamant

Trespassed and did wrong;
Run away boy;
He is pained
But he hides with joy.
Fake it, take it,
He stands as bold;
So strong, so unhurt,
Yet are his burdens much.

I’m cold when I cried bitter sweats of blood;
When I’m approached by some others who claim to know my life;
When I don’t know what’s next,
And everyone has an option best;
I’m cold, these times, I know.
Smiles on my face, yet it’s phony.
I’m not alone yet lonely.
I was pushed into this rain, I’m cold.
Like a doll, I was cloned.
Even my face, I feel it not.
Searched through the south to the farthest north.
I woke between morning and night
And was told about my life, I’ve got no right;
Everyone telling me how and what to do.
My own life, yet strange, I’ve got no clue.
Father says life is a bed of rose
Yet my path is filled with holes;
I wandered along with torn soles,
I walked on thorns with stony soul.
Mother warned life is a battlefield
But I stood tall beyond the pyramid;
I’m not afraid anymore;
Crashes along I could wait for my fall
But I could feel the smile with this hope anew
Coming back to me like the morning dew.

© Denu Vour Bon
© WriteItAdamant



With D’Analyst

I like you.
I really do admire you.
You probably do not know,
Cause the words seem far in my speech;
Maybe I’m shy to let you know about it;
Maybe I’m scared you’d reject me
Just like the rest did do;
Maybe I’m scared you’d slip off my fingers,
For which I’d never forgive myself.
Does love mix water and fire?

At times too,
I would prepare me to propose to you.
You may think those times we spoke
Were friendly chats off as the norm is,
When I try to construct words pleasing
So I don’t seem to be a novice
Just like the rest think of me.
Maybe I fear you would say yes
And I would not be able to react well.
Can love bring home rain and sunshine?

© D’Analyst
© Denu Vour Bon



With Dedoyin

With forces and advances
I sought me love;
Went on and caught on a prey,
Thought I had found a soul mate
Until she said:
“I am a shield maiden,
I fight alongside the bravest men;
My sword never runs out of my enemies blood,
It takes more than lashes to have me broken;
Even Hercules is no match for me.”

I wasn’t ready to commit,
I wanted to enjoy the passing of time.
I met the wrong person I admit
But I received another shock along the line.
Hear her words;
“I am a mother;
My womb houses rulers before they rule,
My bossoms feeds the entire nation,
My back is the home of comfort and succor,
My hands nuture the greatest of minds.
I am a heroine;
Masks and custumes need I not,
For I slay my foes in broad daylight;
Never assume I’m a damsel in distress;
When I fall, be sure I would rise.
I am a woman,
My intelligence goes way beyond recipes.
I am much more than chores and meals.
My smile melts the strongest hearts;
My love is pure and without a tincture.”

Now, I am convinced of who she is.
She is the enamel over a mixture of virtue and beauty.
She is a force of nature that overcomes obstacles.
She is the pleasantness of rose; a delight to behold,
And she’s the heroine at the corner I misinterpreted to be a slut.

Mercy me.

© Dedoyin

© Denu Vour Bon

no renunciar a mí


It’s hard to fight with the rage I bite;

With the odds stacked up to frustrate,

I begin to be compressed by stress;

Will I save me from the race I hate?

I moved and ran as bold as none

At the times when I saw no pain ahead.

I stopped to cry out my eye, though shy,

When the depths of the desert I beheld.

Away to the clefts where no one cares;

Away from my fears and the years of tears;

Away to the future of relax and peace,

Let this dream of mine consume me.

I’ll move till vehicle or powers can’t thread;

I’ll dare to walk a path nobody plied;

I’ll strive to survive the bites and scars from thorns,

No thistle will cheat me of the life I always eyed.

PS: no renunciar a mí is Spanish for I’m not giving up on me

©Denu Vour Bon



The petals of rose mocked me

The night I had conflict with thee;

The moon’s bright yellow

Failed to give a smoke of glow.

I had reacted my guts out,

And failed to shut my mouth.

Actions speak louder than words;

Lol! You didn’t realize I was love-lost.

Oh how! The howls of guilt I roar.

I loved thee! Now I feel sober.

But are me to blame?

Why do I keep hearing my name?

You was there too

With your feelings open.

You did not admit your love

But chose to be a dove

Waiting to be rescued

From the prison of blues.

We both failed;

Don’t raise a hand of blame!

I did wrong,

And you waited too long.


I Smell Tears


I smell tears;
                the fears I tried to reject,
                the future I want to accept.

I smell tears;
                the love I longed ever for,
                the care I did dream of.

I smell tears;
                the loneliness of the path,
                the rejection I gnarled at.

I smell tears;
                will I be fine?
                Should I recline?

I smell tears;
                as I begin to disappoint,
                what got me to this point?

I smell tears;
                the pain of the past,
                how depression had a blast.

And I smell tears;
                of how I did survive,
                and how that I’ll thrive.

For I Am a Man under Authority


I cannot lie.

I must not steal.

I will not fight.

I shouldn’t carry myself big.

It is evident

That I have been saved,

My lifestyle therefore

Should proffer I’m graced.

I cannot do what you do.

I cannot think what you do.

I cannot live the way you live,

For I am a man under authority.

I’m under authority,

Having soldiers under me;

Yet am I free and bound.



Life ain’t cruel. Know that. Fate is. But you can decide your fate.

Denu Vour Bon


I’m beat,

And I drift;

Tell him I’m coming strong!


Without relief,

Pieces from the society;

Tell them I’ll build my norm!


Lessons unfinished;

When will I be educated?

Tell them I don’t care no more!

I decide my fate,

Tell fate to hell!

I’m a hell already,

And I don’t care to tell.

I’ll build my way

And I’ll finish the game;

Nature doth support,

My backup’s mother’s love.

I’ve got what it takes,

I build away!

Fate doesn’t care about your plans.




Insecurities assail in my heart,

And my personality flaws tear me apart.

I’m on a run to kill a great hunt;

The pressure makes me, rather, feel hunt.

I run and I race with a face unafraid.

I put in my best for the next ahead

But I calculate all wrong,

And my strength is weakness.

While this is promising,

I’m afraid I’m not prepared.

The War between the Sun and Star’s Family


Sun said to Star

“Can you come up during the day?”

He got no replies,

So he decided to find a way.

He heightened heat and people melted,

Nature got stressed and a strain.

Still Star wouldn’t give an answer

But maintained her lane.

Sun called for the thunder

And it began to storm;

Raindrops, fierce from clouds’ outburst

Yet Star didn’t bulge.

This went on and on

Till the day was off,

And with a smile on their faces

Star brought her family along.

Night operatives.

Heroes in shadows.

Hope in darkness.

The stars know when to operate.



Love, again I say, is emotional pain.

Denu Vour Bon

Dear Love,

Do you remember the holes of loops in our talks,

How with scopes open we proffered our loves?

Did you notice the truth in the words I said,

When every other girl looked like you in my head?

Did you know I did know that you loved me too

But you wanted that I proposed to you?

Do you remember how I said I couldn’t think straight

As my poetry was baptized into your face?

The pain from the last words we shared

I still feel so deep, and the words ring in my head;

How you did claim you hated me

Because I was an abnormal being.

Dear Love,

What hope have I left from above?

I cried the fears with stream of tears

Bu I realized that night you were a pain,

And with the words you said, I left all my cares.

I reclined. Ain’t I justified to say love is vain?

Yet from deep within my soul,

My emotions call out for more;

‘Where’s love? Call her back…”

With mopes of sobs forever more.

To Love.

How can one motivate you to write poetry?


With WriteItAdamant

Well, this was a question a friend asked

And I wondered how best I would have answered

But for these words:

“Make me cry,

Make me pained;

Let me get a despair,

From the cunny of your brain,

And I’ll write on

My own won’t stop,

It’ll flow like the falls,

Turbulent as Niagara falls.”

And what happens when all is lost?

“I’ll go find shelter amongst the clouds,

I’ll journey down to nowhere.”

Can the clouds save them from what’s coming?


We are the light that beam out of the horror darkness,

We are meant to sort it from within;

I mean the human that we are.

We are the answer to the ocean of mystery,

We are from the reason unknown;

Cluster Oblivion!

Nothing is enough to crush is to the ground

Unless it is our decision,

The fear that comes like the morning dew,

Or get immersed in the ocean of negativity.

We will come back again

Though it be not sure that we are,

Though tomorrow be not promised;

Within us is the answer of the secret places,

Within us are the keys to unlock the ancient doors,

And that’s is power on its own;

Looting the riches of the dark places

Through our mind that is beyond the power of many valors.

We shall win the race,

With the power we allow from ourselves to ourselves;

We shall win the race.

“I shan’t stop me

Until laughter is sealed.”



There’s a gorge I know

That separates the rich from the poor,

The depths of this valley is deep

It’s taken up captives called averages.

Here we have the crab of individuals,

Society, institutional, religious and government officials,

Conventional wisdom and proverbs too;

The graveyard of several life opinions.

The two groups I know are happy,

But the average are filled with worry;

About who’s poor, who’s rich,

They also gossip about who just got bankrupt or wealthy.

Set of Christians concerned about nothing:

Fools in heart discussing about irrelevant topics,

Rich in faith, suppressive of God-given ideas.

You’re convinced that you got the will of God at heart?

There’s a gorge called average;

So full of opinions they are.

Knowledgeable in all things;

So far from the door of happiness and prosperity.



It was a different approach,

The gods from the yonder blue came to applaud

A phenomenon so controversial to arouse silence,

And make Impression finally believe I was good.

Times when I was told to change my attitude,

When I left for nowhere above a tree’s root;

Times came and friends mocked,

And I could not decipher which was foe or folk.

Ruthlessly, earnestly, I decided,

I took hold of the wheels of my life,

And was ready to face the consequence

But a day to manifestation, optimism failed,

And I was massed in too.

Glorious awakening as plans failed,

And reality satisfied the audience;

When God came into the matter

The gods stood in applause and a roar.



Crying of grave danger

Tipsy in thoughts

Soon, soon, I’ll hit breakthrough

I feel like taking my life

Struggling so much to strive

I want to send me away

Out of this realm and everything

To the aura where there is no impossibility

I feel like opening up my mouth

Singing with a voice, letting a screech out

I live to be the best

Of me and the dream I have

To eventually stop being from being sad

As I tear apart let me be

Drunk as fuck without a dream

I thought of journeying to Nevada

Impossibility is my surrounds

Society and solitudity taking rounds

Crying of grave danger

Tipsy in thoughts

Soon, soon, I’ll hit breakthrough



Life’s lessons are accompanied in the dark;

Dark night is when the sky is clad with baby blue.

As individuals seek repair across the globe,

There’s the smell of death knocking at one’s door too.

Hear the cry of the soul that sought glory

As the angel of death says “shush.”

There’s a corner on this earth where a soul gives way;

Sweat, tears, cries of regret, and that of fears too.



I’ll fight this war

With tears and cries,

And bitterness of hatred.

I’ll hit and kick,

And, yes, I’ll rebel.

Averages; the globins,

The ghosts against my dreams.

I’m filled with cuts so deep,

Thorns and thistles got me;

Long nails piercing too,

Rendering me into pieces.

Fight out too;

I won’t give up till I die.

Let death know this,

I cut short lives too.

I ain’t afraid,

Not the ugly horns will scare me;

I’ll cry my way through

Till I kiss my destiny.



Weird are the natures that meet
Over across Vancouver ways
Faces masked make impressions wrong
As silently the wind blows and sways
Two sexes not ready to be clean
Hiding behind the mask on their faces
Dying for the pain within their hearts
And conversing in loopholes of character
Perhaps love will never quench
Perhaps she’ll come out of her shell
Perhaps he’s going to propose to her
Maybe and maybe not, time will tell.
O locked up in this strife
The conflict of thought and mind
Whether or not they’re inclined
They shall know by and by.
Two souls are madly in love
Two natures conflict in love
The attitude, perhaps, is a proof
That she loves him too.



I sat under the moon six months ago
As I crossed over to a new year.
Now, as the moon makes love with the clouds,
I am proud that I have gotten here.

Six months ago I was depressed,
And I didn’t understand the secrets of progress.
Then was Jide Jexway at my side;
I recovered by God through friends.

Now I’m appreciative of all the good words I’ve heard,
And the bad and piercing speeches that cut my heart;
For all the encouragement my friends gave me,
And the emotional pain faithful foes gave my heart.

As I begin to move on to the next phase
I have this new drive that all is possible,
And the reason I wrote this poetry
Is to inform you that you are unconquerable.

Dream on. Fight strong. Win big.
Your life does not worth a defeat but great victory.



Dear friends, suddenly the word Ishmael has not left my mind since I found out what it meant.

– Manifestation

Ishma means desolation; Ishmael means God hears; let me say God hears our pleas in desolation.

-Denu Vour Bon

For years I struggled
Crying and wailing
Who? Just who?
Who shall deliver me,
From the body of this death?
I was born with a silver spoon,
Apple of my mother’s eyes;
Stuff and life went on smooth
Until Isaac was circumcised.

Ishmael without the El
Simply means desolation;
Hagar, lost in the wilderness,
Cries in despair for provision;
Her child was almost gone,
No water to feed his soul.
This was her one last hope,
“Let me not see him die” she moped.
Turned her back and went into solitude
She didn’t want her son see her attitude
As she rolled on the floor to question
Why fate had depressed her this much.

Who shall deliver me,
From the body of this death?
Wilderness desolation.
None heard, oh! None could save
But Lord Himself!
Lee Fayada…
God’s visitation;
Soon the angel appeared,
Pointed Hagar to a well.
Ishma became Ishmael
For God truly hears.

Oh Ishmael
He came and He spoke word
Gave His strength and a little nudge
Oh! How smoothly now we’ll sail.

© Manifestation
© Denu Vour Bon


With UK Stephen


Love is beautiful.
Love is crazy.
Its like a coin with two sides;
Its both good and evil all from the heart.
Love is like oxygen, which inflates and deflates the heart;
When the heart is void of it, it fails.
Love is sour when not reciprocated.
Mutual love is great;
Greater when spiced with intimacy.
Love is a weapon of war;
It fight hatred with smiles,
And malice is overtaken in the eye.
Love is sometimes ugly ,
And it can be referred to as emotional pain.
Love is not sweet,
Yet it is filled with grace.
Love is at times mistaken for some something else,
And when senses fail
Love seems to be in view.
No, love is not blind;
It uses analytics more than any other field of reasoning.
Love is not lust
But love is a confusion.



I had always thought that night was black,
And that when there wasn’t atmospheric light
I should say it was dark
But this time, I changed psychology at midnight
It was near dawn when nature spoke to me.

I got me out of class,
Where I slept the night;
‘Twas navy blue outside,
I saw no stream of light.

First, I did consider
To turn back and wait for dawn
But then I braced up;
I’ll get home no matter what

I saw no path ahead of me;
There were no stars for me to see.
The trees were now giants beings
That caused my spine so great to chill.

I looked down to the ground,
And moved one step after the other,
And at each cricket’s sound,
I pled my spirit for cover.

In the vast voidness of this midnight morning,
I saw how alone I was to toil;
How the battle was strong,
And the power of mindset in all.

Nature spoke to me
Without a voice.
She told me she was wicked if my mind was weak,
And that the game is won if I was strong of will enough.

She lent me a lesson of focus;
“Get your eyes off the illusions and face the fight”.
And I moved; first with great fear
Later with tranquil care.

I took a break at some friend’s place;
Drank water to digest this first part,
And I left her place
To see that a light shone
But attracted none.
(Head shakes)

May I not be just a pointer of the way
May I walk therein myself.
So and so nature taught.

Nature teaches still
But no one listens.



The secret of the rich is that they did extra and crazy things that the general populace didn’t poco a poco.

Denu Vour Bon

I went to hell

Now I’m back

As I journey

Down to Nevada

My dreams so wide

Create me a path

Link me up with


I say now

Poco a poco

Me vuelvo un

Poco más loco

So when I hit my goal

When I cross the stars

When I become aglow

Know that I started poco a poco



But for the dreams of your gracefulness, I would have fallen in love.

Denu Vour Bon

I know you don’t know who I am,
Who I’ll be nor of what form I am;
I know you are just about my age,
And you exist in your corner of this stage;
I know you are very beautiful,
Highly delectable, and that guys are tripping on you;
I know you are presently in a love lost situation,
And you’re thinking the guy involved is your final destination;
Well, we are in this together;
Know that we are made for each other.



So you chose this life you live.

And usually,
You decide to please other beings
When the best decision is a rendezvous.

Make you label and go
Away from your shadows
Saying “Un Poco Loco”.

Dance off dead head
Or decide to live among the dead;
There’s no middle line,
Un poco loco or loose your life.

The choice is yours,
So is the course.



Misconceptions abound on who I am,
And I begin to become the discuss of every gathering.
Socialists deem me fit to be essential to living,
Capitalists value themselves as being the reason I exist.
It’s a money thing.
I am money:
The only difference that you can find between the rich, middle class and poor.
I am money:
The pioneer of so many articles and love for me has been addressed as evil by our Apostle Paul.
I am money:
The reason happiness is sealed and not achieved.
I am money:
You find me with the beggar and I dwell with the king.
I am money:
Just a number of numerical figures put together.
I am money:
I can build or put asunder.
Now, what is me?
Who am I?
Where am I from?
And to what purpose do I belong?
I am just a means of exchange;
A servant at my master’s commands,
Oh how that I am a master
To individuals who lack knowledge of power!
Their dominion they fail to expend,
So it expires from them.
I come in form of taxing,
And I am every governmental levy;
The poor and middle class fight and do fight
For how long will that last?
I am but a slave,
How did I become the master of thine house?
I am but a weapon of war,
And now am I the warlord of your army.
It pains me to see my masters attacked
On the basis that they are greedy.
The rich are those who are matured in mind,
They only have mastered money, and do lord me.
I am an obedient messenger,
And do you go to school to learn
How you can own and command a servant?
You are yet to activate your reign my lord,
And I regret to say that I am but your lord
Till then.



You thought you was a beaut

So you valued me a beast

Them be tripping for you

None saw my proposal good

You be moving out with all the guys

I be watching with my heart and eyes

You come around to flirt

Put my emotions on test

No, girl I quit

I’ve got a backpain

You gave a headache

I ain’t doing this shit

I perceived beauty as love

No not anymore

But there be insecurities

Hidden inside of me



In the midst of the noise
There is silence and joy
The inner cry of peace
Such an enthralling coy

Though your voice be loud
It will not be heard
You may shout your might
Do not you get sad?

You are not alone
You’ll fight; wage the war
Your help is just near
Why ain’t you at ‘ball?

Storm and peace and ease
Peace being ease and storm
But ease storms with peace
Then silence is key



Of me

I did nothing;


I was about everybody.

So today,

I wanted a feel;


Something entirely enthralling.

Got me out,

Thinking outside the box.

Then I had to boss up,

And be an intentional bachelor.

My soul

Craved for love;


I had no money.

Called home,

And smiled o’er the phone.


Cash after cash.

I set me out,

Shopping the new year’s first.

Then I was disappointed

But I wouldn’t feed myself with junks.

I gave my soul the liberation she needed

Made her explore the depths of what she wanted

And a synergy grew instantly

I knew I could do this shit.

At times

You shouldn’t do nothing


Every other person

Not until

You get yourself a feel


Entirely lovingly friendly.

Get you out;

See beyond your reality.

Take an intentional stroll.

This evening enthrall your soul.

Your soul

Needs your love.


You don’t need money.

Follow up;

Get her a smile.


That’ll set you on track.



A question for the night

Rings out from my heart.

It talks of despair and pain;

It seeks a definition from this confusion:

Who am I?

I lose my identity at times

And I fake _okay_.

Thoughts rip me out

And for another’s ego

I ain’t running my race,

My pace.

“Let me be”, says the tear

As it descends my eye

When my pen drifts,

When I forget to write.


I am who I am;

My reflection shows me more,

Mirrored off a silver-glass surface.

Gradually I become

The man inside me.

The man I see.

The man of my dreams.



Roses have shone

But you excel them all.

You are graceful than words

How can I describe this urge?

I promised a letter to you,

And had written about twenty lines;

But for carelessness I drank

Now is my poem soaked in wine.

I’m not twenty five,

Neither am I ready to walk down the aisle;

I took an oath to keep myself pure

But each day comes with different oppression on campus.

Drowned in activities and assignments,

Your future husband feels void:

“There’s something I’m missing;

Cuddling, kissing and all.”

There were times I failed,

When I considered someone else’s face,

When love shifted,

And I lost my head.

I get drunk everyday,

And now am I relieved from drunkenness.

Again, I don’t know who it will be tomorrow

That will bring butterflies and make me melt.

You are the one I want

But I have an example in Adam,

And all these animals I sample

Are not a match for whom I’ll call woman.


It may be that Eve is hidden from my view,

And not that you are yet to be created.

I live each day with this upbraid:

“At last your face I’ll gaze;

I’ll be dazed”.


In advance.



Strength comes from struggle. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, wiser, then your thinking shifts from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I must do this.’

– Toni Sorenson

My head undergoes vaporization.

I’m not tensed; not frustrated;

I do not feel a despair,

But things aren’t right up there in my head.

Lashes of tongues I remember;

Mockeries and scornings I’m accustomed to.

Now I’m the subject of discourse;

“Denu you’re becoming unserious too”.

I have been told a lot,

Like “you lack prioritization”.

And the only thing they can advice

Is that I quit writing my words

Because its wasting my time

As they have perceived.

I’m just beginning,

Though it all started ten years ago,

And you’re soon a vexed?

I’m sorry, but I will hurt you;

Don’t make me conform to the wrong path.

Lead me and guide me on this lonely walk.

The only energy within me

Type this prayer tonight.

Oh Lord you endorsed me,

And I’m just beginning.


The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Self-realization demands very great struggle.

– Swami Sivananda

Whatever the struggle, continue the climb. It may be only one step to the summit.

– Diane Westlake


With Val en Tina


The story was told of a gem,

A little girl, when she was five and ten.

Her name was Diamond

She tasted the other side of fate and more.

With faith she was beautiful,

But fate had for her stuff that were paler than blue.

Now she’s all grown up,

Glittering in radiant sparkling spectrums;

Her smile’s an overwhelming one,

A cover for the scars that wouldn’t leave her memory for once.

She sent me a letter,

Which I read o’er and o’er,

Lyrically portraying the failure of many guardians and parents

But I’m more in love with the order of her poetry.

Here’s what the letter read:

Dear Friend, for so she started.

It started with dim lights;

Black was the code.

It traveled into the night,

“Yet relax”, I was told.

It started with a lullaby;

But abuse was the song.

It continued with moan-like sighs,

And teasing with the tongue.

“Do as you’re told,” I heard

“Obey your elders,” I remembered

I was told to hold,

And not forget to stroke

What was long like a rope

While he ripped my robe.

I was told not to scream

For the masquerade will come;

I remained still not to be seen

Even after his second cum.

It was pain,

And yes it happened again;

I was the sex tool,

And he – Uncle.

Here she gave a break,

Hid some details,

Left me at suspense,

And wrote the following as next:

This time it wasn’t pain

For I wasn’t sane.

His hands were coals

Ripping off layers of my battered flesh.

His kisses extracted the oxygen in my lungs,

His fingers left a trail of hate on my body,

And more than anything else

I wanted to not see my body.

All it took me was to learn a skill;

To idolise my body in mortality.

All I needed was to learn to master a craft;

To awaken my body in brutality.

The blade was my brush,

And my body – the canvas;

Red fluid poured in a rush

Till on the floor, they met my carcass.

Within her thighs her uncle had seen a gold mine,

And her parents were too concerned with the phenomenon

Than they were of her protection.

She still holds on to faith.

Diamond. Rape.



I spend a lot of time looking at blue; the color of my room and my mood.

-Kate Bush

I read from my dictionary

And saw the definition of blue;

It read of words so varying

All of which I’ll relate to you.

It said of blue as pale,

Mostly referred of a flame;

Yet blue was seen as pornographic

At the upload of profane.

She said many things more;

Varied, diverse and words tough.

Here’s my write anyway:

Blue is the sky because someone just died.

Blue is the atmosphere; tension in the air.

Blue is the city; trouble is looming.

Blue is the neighborhood; there’s dearth in the hood.

Blue is blank; a girl, lost in thoughts, gets spanked.

Blue again signifies pain.

Blue is despair as a soul seeks repair.

Blue is perceived cool; symbols reservedness called melancholic gloom.

Blue is a dim light; a writer doesn’t know what to write

Since blue is the color of sadness called depression.

But blue is more.

Blue as the ocean refers to raging and rippling.

Blue as the sky signifies clearness of vision.

Blue is characteristic of geniuses.

Blue’s got on a pair of lenses.

Hue that is blue is the best for a bedroom

Because nothing is more reflective than blue on your wall

Blue is for meditation.

Blue refers to thinking.

Blue is for calm

Just as it means peace.

Blue is conclusive, yet it isn’t.

A couple of things varied, isn’t it?

Don’t get it twisted,

Blue is anything you perceive of it.