My heart cries out

for the LORD God of my salvation;

My soul seek out

to catch He whom I am a reflection.

My hands pant

for the time to perform miracles

My brain desires to lose its counts

of my feet moving around to share the Good News.

My eyes are teary

as they want to close up again to pray;

My ears are yearning

to hear the voice of God at the cool of each day.

My tongue is expectant

waiting for the days my spittle would dry out;

My mouth yearns to rant

the gospel of Christ loudly out.

My stomach awaits the time

when 40 days of fasting would be same as skipping breakfast.

My flesh also looks out for that time

it would have burnt completely and become numb as a cast.

I just long for Your manifest presence Jesus!

© Denu Vour Bon



Voice of A Sincere Heart

At one point in our lives, we’d been engrossed in depression.
-Denu Vour Bon

I have been compressed

And suppressed;

I am now depressed

As none of my burdens can be expressed.

I am homeless

Though I roam less,

I hope less,

When would I be saved from this mess?

Why is my generation a lot different

From that of the ancient?

Deception’s eaten us a great extent;

¹Now with what shall we pay our rent?

I am weary,

I walk dreary,

People think I’m crazy,

Oh! When would I and God marry?

I’ve been hoping,

I’m still hoping

And I’ll keep hoping

Until I see Your manifesting!

Yet hold on Sir,

My soul pants after You Sir

And I want all of You Sir

For I am suppressed, depressed and compressed altogether!

Answer me now!

© Denu Vour Bon



He looks haggard and unkempt;

Hair’s all rough, body’s malnutrited,

Yet he sits in the front row in church

And he has a great faith, one that I admire so much…

He is the pastor’s child.

She almost never attend church services,

She’ll always give excuses.

Though from a poor background,

She spends dollars today, on the morrow pounds;

She is the pastor’s child.

Always seated at a corner

Is a lady so sober;

Her face is always like the aftermath of a cry

“Why are there so much sinners?” she’d ask herself and sigh,

That’s the pastor child.

Nothing is working out for him,

It is like his challenges are accelerating;

His few good clothes and gracious smile

Is just a camouflage for his sorrows and cry

As he is the pastor’s child.

Some are wayward

Others are heavenward;

Some of them, together with their parents, endure great sufferings

Some others are lucky to be born into their parents riches.

Whichever the case, help save the pastor’s child.

© Denu Vour Bon



“You ain’t born again,

How can you say you got saved?

Are not these thoughts you think

Against your Lord’s preaching?

Didn’t your Master rightly say

The wicked are as hay

Laid up for the fire

You people call hell fire?…

Sin is like dust it can’t be wiped out;

Not one memory can be lost!

If all these surely stand,

Then why do you remain ¹bound?

²Why do you choose to die daily?…”

By these words, Lucifer tempts Mary!

A long think and a deep sigh

And Mary, a Christian, replied:

“Oh! I am in bounds; I know, I know!

And oh life seems so hard with not a glow!

How I long for liberty,

Though I be bound in a prison so dreary,

And would I untie myself

And loose Christ’s mansion I’ve earned?

Oh! Lucifer, I know that thou art fallen

And I know that forever fallen wilt be;

I know you are as a lord to the Earth

Knowest thou that I am but a pilgrim here?

Oh! My persecution is much,

Sickness have deprived me of ³church;

My soul is become a battleground,

My heart’s failed and for Christ am I bound.

And life ain’t helping at all,

All worn out am I like an old ball. Yet, I am born again!

Ask me and I would say it over again;

I have been saved,

Sin had been sent to its grave.

And I forsook all that night

My heart welcomed the Light.

I have been justified

I could tell you how I got sanctified…

I challenge you to look through my life

To pick out one sin, just one part of flesh alive.

I am clean,

God so had made me!

And you can’t hold on to my weakness

Thou accuser of the brethren!

Let me alone Lucifer

Thou father of liars!

You can never speak of truth,

You can’t deceive my ⁴youth!

Get thee behind me,

Forever I’ll rebuke thee

And in the name of Lord

Be thou exiled from my world.

Thank you Lord for the victory,

Help me to continue in Thee.”

So Sister Mary prayed

And she surely won the fray.

Rest assured was she,

And she said: “my Father watches me.”

The devil ain’t nothing but a liar

A hardened deceiver;

He’ll bring guilt and condemnation

So you could lose your salvation.

Anytime he comes, call on your Lord,

He’ll answer, for you matter to God.

© Denu Vour Bon


¹ Hebrews 13:3 and the general idea that Christians are in bonds with Christ

² 1Corinthians 15:31, Romans 12:1

³ Literally, going to church

⁴ 1Timothy 4:12, Ecclesiastes 11:9,10, 12:1



Your standards are a factor of your righteousness and absolute perfection does not come from your self righteousness, else the Pharisees have a place in heaven, but from your ability to maintain the faith in a pure heart and in obedience to God. So when you come short of your standards, forgive yourself quick and move on.
– Denu Vour Bon

At times we get so depressed

That we fail to realize that God’s present;

We put on us, all over our faces, our so called faults

And that’s why it seems the storm is so turbulent.

Our walks reveal this

And we are soon irritated:

We’ve got a testimony still and people know

For they see God’s mark on our foreheads.

“I want to read my Bible and I’m sleeping,

Yet I pick up my phone, my eyes flicker open;

I want to pray but I soon doze off I feel in me exists a leaven…”

God understands you most; you together with your weaknesses.

He wants you to understand He loves you…

Yea, you’ve set some personal standards it seem you’re compromising;

Calm down, you’re still His, God’s mark is on you!

This is not at all sentimental,

Neither am I justifying the sin of the backsliders…

I’m actually referring to that weakest of Christians

Who so much loves God that he doesn’t want to experience falters…

He wants to live atop everything called downs

(This is not the downs of going back into sin)

That he gets violent with himself when he fails one of his standards.

This is who I write unto that he be not dismayed at this feeling.

I see the light of God’s glory radiating through him…

Oh my! She’s so filled with the aura of His presence.

Though you feel empty of God my brother, my sister;

This is so done to you to dismantle the glory of self.

“Not of works, lest any man should boast”

Is the prophecy fulfilled in you to humble you…

Soon it would be time to get up and operate and see those signs again,

You ain’t gonna remain the same; God’s mark is on you!

© Denu Vour Bon



We’d continue to deceive ourselves if we are always finding faults in every arm of government. We all know that while the basket is full of rotten tomatoes there is always, at least one, some fresh tomatoes.
-Denu Vour Bon

Everyone’s sleeping soundly in bed

Coz a comrade is out there in the dark…

You could have the right to live a civilian

Because a troop toils the night dyed black.

They have families too

They didn’t come down from heaven;

Death is like good news,

A zeal to fight at the count of seven!

Their mothers’ hearts are tender as yours

But these chose to sacrifice their lives for your peace;

Stray bullets is their pride,

Though injured, they would not cease.

Their wives are forever widows

Always living to mourn the husbands,

Whether dead or alive,

For he and death are in a band.

The soldier women give up

Their lovely children to fight

For the peace of the unborn of yours;

She fights to maintain their right.

Their sacrifice is priceless

Their salary is the pay of their lives,

If you’re coveteous of it

You could go live in their barracks.

They’re gone, *they fight till death!*

*The troops have gone to die,*

Not to fight only,

For Nigeria our fatherland.

Observe a minute of silent

Each time you remember their sacrifices;

For your peace they are dead

Laid up as peace offerings!


You don’t judge based on rumor. Again, I reemphasize, “first impression matters” is a big scam. A major scam. Please let us know what we are doing.


There’s an emerging stereotype about my nation, an abhorrent identity. Like other well-meaning Nigerians, I would like to reiterate that: “Not all Nigerians are fraudsters”. The 80-man list of suspected conmen (of which most are Nigerian nationals) released by the US Government shouldn’t be a basis for such repugnant labeling on Nigeria (or Nigerians).

My country – a nation of over 180 million people, the greatest black nation in the world, the Giant of Africa – is a bundle of legitimacy. I am a quintessential Nigerian. I am legit.


I am a Nigerian;
I sing in the bathroom when happy,
Jive and groove to every “gbedu wey dey burst brain”.
I’m an everyday Nigerian.

You would notice my energetic Mondays,
My rapid Tuesdays, my venereal Wednesdays, and my nostalgic Thursdays.
Oh yes, Fridays I’m grateful, Saturdays I’m playful
And Sundays I worship.

Quintessentially Nigerian,
You would find the…

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Credit: Whatsapp status screenshot

Everyone is clamoring for a particular relationship or the other. Now we understand that unlike charges usually attract and those of same constituents repel hence, a bashful wistfulness towards the opposite sex. Are we sure that the aura of pure libido built up in our subconscious is satisfied with our shallow connections and undeep relations with folks?
Humans are forever beings that desire union. The reaction between our inbuilt lusts and the very nature of beauty that surrounds us renders particular sights aphrodisiac to us. Funny as it is, it is discovered that this craving is usually inconstant and when a hormonal reaction via sexual intercourse comes in, there is usually despite of these sights that were once awesome in the glories of their grace. What point is being made? Nothing else but the fact that we have coursed the pursuit of our thoughts and longings in the direction that is disheveling to the status of our being – what we’re made of. The reason, therefore, for the seasonal feeling of lonesomeness which we usually dismiss with our shallow hopes of finding a good definition soon.
Our relationships are undeep. Yes. They are without any depth of affection or love. I wonder how possible it would be that we live the ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ commandment seeing all we chase is to get some opposite sex to play with us in bed. True love have been mistaken for some beautiful photographs, uploading ‘in a relationship’ on social media bios, some few dates in a serene place, chatting through the night on phone or via Google hangouts (some even go to abuse such via sex chatting and its brothers) and other love ideas we got from the movies. While the afore are sometimes featured in a genuine love relationship, they don’t define love neither do they spell out the descriptions of a real relationship.
A real relationship is one that is subset to none, superset of all. The reason we continue to have problems in our day to day life is because we have failed to relationally connect with our neighbor. Just like the childhood chatter of friendship that typifies rare love bondings, a relationship is a relational connection between two entities of different, yes, substances. A good example is the love of God towards us that made Him to sacrifice His Only Begotten Son for the livesremission of the sins we committed; and how He made, and continue to make, specific entrances into our lives to show us He cares and that He is there. This relationship He made plain is not determinant on who we are out what we are made up of, it is His universal act of delight in the course of the human world. We continue to have issues in our relationships until we come to understand the import of this sacrifice of Jesus on the cross in our lives thereby surrendering to His will and living the reality that relationship should be aimed at making lasting impacts and connecting relationally to the soul of the other being involved. Yes. That relationship is more spiritual than usual, being a phenomena that existed before time.
More to the above, it is important to note that building success in one’s love life starts from putting a smile on a neighbor’s face and helping to bear his burdens occasionally.

© Denu Vour Bon



Sin, as it is, is an entity separate from our beings. Have you noticed that you don’t go to hell to suffer the consequence of your being but of sin? Oh that men would separate sin from their lives and live the righteousness that they were created with.
– Denu Vour Bon

Credit: Pinterest

The scripture says in 2Peter2:9; “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.”

The first line says ‘The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly,’ the godly as used here is one who detest sin, he hates it with all his heart, soul and spirit and he is not ready to give himself over to sin. The godly is not one who is not willing to drop and leave his sins behind him, rather, he is that individual, who after tasting of the grace of God through the salvation of his soul, would so fight sin wherever he sees it. He is that person that eliminates sinful appearances that come near him with immediate effect and he is that man who would not even entertain the thoughts of sinning. It is this man that God would deliver ‘…out of temptations.’ But if a man be unjust, though he manifest a little disgust for sin but is not willing to sincerely forsake those sins he commit, such would the Lord reserve unto the day of judgment to be punished.

In a bid to avoid being punished, you as an individual, oh you Blessed and Beloved of God, need to sincerely eliminate all the appearances of sin and sin itself around you. This will surely require you to stop being friends with some people and you will also part ways with others. In short, you would have to reject being friends with anyone that had been your sinful partner , both male and female. That is the first stage of manifesting detest for sin. And it requires cutting off from every evil conversation and association. After this, oh Beloved, you grow to the next stage and firmly preach against all those sins you have confessed before God when you were repenting. Truly from your heart, knowing the pain you passed through when you were in bondage to these things, you would preach against these sins and every form of sin. Let people know that you don’t do them anymore and that you are strongly against those things. Then the next step is to pray against falling into temptation and pray also that your former friends and all those that are still sinning should also be saved. From here you graduate to the level of seriously reading and studying of your Bible, because it is the map that leads to heaven. You would study the Bible very well so that you can know what God wants you to do the more and make sure you do what God have told you to do through His word. You also will continue everyday with the mind that Heaven is real and Hell is real. You will soon discover that you are now living according to God’s standard of holiness as you faithfully fulfill these things and God would deliver you, my Beloved, ‘…out of temptations.’ NOTE THAT those who are godly, according to Ezekiel 9:4-6, are those who hate sin and would not want to be an host for it. They are vexed with sin all the time and this guide I have carefully written as I was led, to show you only the surface of how you can continue from salvation to godliness without falling back into sin.

Dear Beloved, faithfully fulfill all these and the mark of God for the godly would come on you shortly… Remain blessed my Beloved. Amen. Share with all your friends.

© Denu Vour Bon



Credit: Pinterest


I feel so empty today

I could decide to run away.

Stress is on me, I’m trying very very hard to meet up

To the standards I see all around me, my assignments, dreams, plans, timetable and all.

You know, I’m so engrossed in my thoughts

And because I couldn’t greet you this morning, you concluded I was a snub

Not knowing I’m long lost, being no longer in this realm,

With my eyes wide open but senses unaware.

While I love to move motions and be famous

I discovered I’m just too weak to suffer pain.

Could I be a victim of circumstance?

Is it true: no pain, no gain?

I’m smiling in your face but I’m in tears;

I stand in awe, I’m full of fears

But I try each day to gather up my broken pieces

And to put on some smiles’ crutches.

Would I ever blend to this system?

Would I get adapted?

Issokay, let me try to hasten up.

So many individuals are not the realities of what they are,

Because we’ve all added a little pinch of make up

Make over and so many things to tush ourselves up.

Can we help it?

Can we live what we have inside us?

Can we come out without our make ups and overs

And be bold enough to represent our thoughts?

No, your words are not enough,

We see your behaviors each day.

The craving within us we don’t understand

But we chase after mirages and turn our backs on the realities

All with the hope of a better ahead, a brighter tomorrow.

While we want to be good,

We find ourselves becoming evil.

We need help.

Jesus’ enough, yet we fail to accept.

Ain’t a religion-bias poesy though

It’s just that our hearts cry so loud and unheard of a presence we cannot define.

And our Help is near

But we fail to forbear.

Who else would heed or cry

And answer to our sighs?

This we’d search for forever.

© Denu Vour Bon

Credit: Pinterest @myfavouritewallpaper